Mann Tek Disconnect Couplings

Mann Tek Dry Disconnect Couplings are used for handling liquids where spills can be both costly and hazardous. DDCouplings are available in sizes from 1” to 8” and are suitable for a variety of applications. The couplings are available in a wide range of materials and can be supplied with a number of different connections and seal types. Connection according to NATO STANAG 3756.


  • Easy to handle – Push and turn for free flow, turn and pull to close
  • Time saving – No need to drain hoses or pipe systems
  • Economical and reliable – No loss or spillage of liquids at connection or disconnection
  • Safe – The valve cannot be opened until the unit is coupled
  • Environmentally friendly – Accidental spillage is eliminated

Mann Tek Safety Break-Away Couplings

Mann Tek Safety Break-Away Couplings are used to prevent pull away accidents, protect equipment and eliminate unwanted product release.

The couplings are available in a wide range of sizes and can be supplied with a number of different connection combinations and seal types.


  • Passive security against situations where a hose or loading arm could be subjected to inadvertent excessive loads.
  • Design features a simple mechanism with no loose components which could be lost after release.
  • Operates independently of any installed shut off safety system and does not require an external power source.
  • Can easily be reset on-site by one person
  • High flowrate / low pressure drop
  • Positive shut-off of both coupling halves results in minimum product loss.
  • Lightweight and robust design.
  • Available with ANSI/DIN flanges or threaded (BSP or NPT).

Non-axial forces or excessive in-line forces are concentrated upon the specially designed Break Bolts in the Safety Break-Away Coupling. This causes the Break Bolts to rupture allowing the Safety Break-Away Coupling to operate thereby preventing damage to the Hose or Loading Arm.

How It Works

How It Works

To Connect

Push and Turn – It’s Coupled
Full Flow

To Disconnect

Turn & Pull – It’s Released
No Spillage

Before Emergency Disconnect

The Safety Break-Away Valve consists of two halves, each incorporating a spring loaded shut off valve fitted with an O-ring seal

After Emergency Disconnect

When the SB Couplings separate, the two valves close rapidly, thereby minimising product loss and product exposure to personnel and the environment

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