KANON Folding Stairs provide safe and efficient means of access between a loading platform and road or rail tankers.

  • The spring-balanced design ensures easy operation by a single operator
  • Handrails fitted as standard
  • Automatic adjustment to tanker height
  • Built to latest safety standards

Kanon’s Loading Platforms are used worldwide to achieve safe and easy top access of road and rail tankers from ground level. The Loading Platforms, combined with loading equipment, offer a complete solution without need for separate engineering. Safety Moveable Stairs (SMS) can be applied in case the road or rail tanker cannot be positioned on a dedicated spot. The SMS provides the possibility to access almost any side of the road or rail tanker or container

  • Safety Cages available standard sizes of 1400 mm deep x 1400 mm wide and 1400 mm deep x 2800 mm wide but can also be manufactured up to 12000 mm wide
  • Safety wings on both sides of the stairs to close the opening between rack and vehicle
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic operation
  • Position switches
  • Wheeled Trolley mount designed to traverse the full width of a platform
  • Key interlock system
  • 3, 4, 5 and 6 step models, FS1250, FS1650, FS2050, FS2450
  • Vertical locking device
  • Non-slip self-levelling steps
  • Partly movable second step to prevent trapped feet
  • Fully balanced cylinder with integral safe design
  • Rubber bumper on last step to prevent tanker damage and static discharge
  • Handrails free from sharp edges and installed on nylon bearings
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Main bearings water and dust tight, maintenance free
  • All other rotating joints are made of non-corrosive materials i.e. nylon and stainless steel (no metal to metal contacts, no use of split pins)